Indigenous Policy


Certificate IV
in Indigenous
Cultural Capability

About the Course

This qualification develops cultural capability in individuals and organisations with the aim of providing better services to Indigenous Australians, supporting Indigenous business, and engaging in honest conversations within their communities.

You will discover the complexity and wealth of Indigenous society and culture and appreciate how historic policy has shaped the challenges facing communities. You will learn how to undertake research from reliable sources through the development of frameworks that are authentic to the culture and demographic, rather than assumed stereotypes and myths.

The qualification also aims to educate individuals with the knowledge and skills to procure products/services for a specific purpose from Indigenous organisations.


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12 Months Duration
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12 Months


Job & Career

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The qualification is suitable for individuals who are employed, or engaged in, a variety of activities relating to procurement, community development and program management.

It may also be suitable for individuals who are wanting to extend their knowledge and capabilities on contemporary Aboriginal issues for career prospects or for their own professional and personal development.

This qualification is suitable for:

  • Government employees engaging in service delivery and policy direction for Indigenous people
  • Project teams pitching in procurement, construction, mining or services

Not for profits delivering services to or in engaging with Indigenous communities

To achieve this qualification, students must complete seven core units and one elective unit.

7 core units

  • NAT10963001 Research and analyse historical context of Indigenous Australia
  • NAT10963002 Research and evaluate demographic research of Indigenous Australians
  • NAT10963003 Research and document legal and non-legal commitments impacting Indigenous Australians
  • NAT10963004 Research and document legislation and regulation to delivery of services for Indigenous Australians
  • NAT10963005 Research and apply Indigenous governance frameworks
  • NAT10963006 Design and implement strategies for procuring services from Indigenous businesses and persons
  • NAT10963007 Implement product and service delivery to Indigenous Australians

One elective (choose one of the following)

  • NAT10963008 Procure Indigenous intellectual property
  • NAT10963009 Develop an Indigenous employment strategy
  • NAT10963010 Ensure workplace cultural safety for Indigenous Australians

12 months

Some students may be able to complete the course earlier, depending on their level of experience.

Online delivery supported through webinar tutorials.

Total fees          $7,500 per student

*   Government subsidies are available for this qualification.

** Enterprise packages may also apply.


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